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EU call for project proposals « Grass roots sports programs and infrastructures innovation »

Profielfoto van Philippe De Witte
April 26 2020 | 2 minutes read


The practice of sport and physical activity in Europe traditionally takes place in the framework of sport clubs and organisations. These traditional structures put in place this practice in accordance with stable rules (“The rules of the game”). In many cases, large and costly sport facilities were generally the environment where this practice was organized.  

However, nowadays individual needs and preferences regarding sport change rapidly. Figures concerning the participation in sport and physical activity indicate that there is a rising mismatch between the supply of sport via traditional sport organisations and the demand of individuals. In order to attract new generations, sport federations, organisations and clubs should improve their offer through creativity, innovation and new form of practices.

They could consider working in two directions: enlarging their offer, making it more diverse and informal and open it to new publics, favouring at the same time democratisation and integration. They could secondly use and promote light and flexible sport infrastructures allowing the practice of sport in a wider diversity of places.

Objectives and description of the activities of the action

The purpose of this preparatory action is to identify and test innovative ideas.

The first objective will be to have an overview of existing practices being developed in or outside sport organisations in EU countries. This will be done through a mapping study.

The second objective is to promote new form of practices by sport organisations. This includes the development of new form of sport and physical activities, the communication about these activities and their benefit and the development of light sport facilities.

The expected results include

- A better knowledge about new forms of practice of sport and physical activity

- The development of new forms of practices as well as soft programmes to promote it

- The development of light sport facilities

- A better integration of new ways of practicing sport and physical activity in the offer of traditional sport federations and organisations

- An increased participation of young generations to sport


The preparatory action will be implemented through a call for proposals. The selected projects should be led by sport federations, organisations or clubs having a European activity or impact.  They may involve institutions, national, regional and local authorities, companies and event individuals.

In order to be eligible projects must be presented by applicants meeting the following criteria:

- Be a sport federation, organisation or club with legal personality which regularly organises sport competitions and having a European impact or activity

- Have a registered office in one of the EU Member States


The Commission will launch a study in order to improve knowledge about the current situation in EU countries.

The Commission will support the promotion, dissemination and valorisation of the projects through the current preparatory action. This will take the form of communication activities, seminars and conferences. These activities will be developed through existing framework contracts or new procurement procedures.

The Commission will ensure the selection and evaluation process through appropriate IT tools. The conception of this IT tool will be financed within the current preparatory action.

This will be ensured through existing framework contracts or new procurement procedures.


The total budget estimated for the call amounts to EUR 1,200,000.  That is for 3 projects of app. € 400.000,- each, the study of app. € 210.000,- and communication / IT activities for app. € 70.000,-.